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date.      2017

location. City of Denton Animal Shelter. Denton, Texas

story.     Through a friend of a friend, I heard that the Denton Animal Shelter was looking for a mural artist to brighten their hallway that is                           viewable from the shelter's play yard. It was an honor to volunteer my time in adding some bright colors and furry friends to the shelter                   hallway. I also loved the opportunity to see some of the "behind the scenes" day-to-day work of the staff as they love and care for the                     animals staying at the shelter. Highlights from this mural project: the few attentive pups in the play yard who sat and watched me paint                   while the others played and the ability to paint a 6 ft version of my dog Lincoln in the mural.

Denton Animal Shelter
Denton Animal Shelter(2)
Denton Animal Shelter(3)
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