I have always had an interest in drawing and painting since childhood. Born and raised in Clifton, Texas, a small community with big art influence, I have been impacted by art all my life. 

My interest in art and desire to help people in need led me to my first profession in orthotics and prosthetics, where I have had an outlet to create art in designing and fabricating braces and prosthetic limbs for people. This profession has also led me to an opportunity to do mission work where I have had the privilege to serve as a board member and volunteer prosthetist/orthotist with Prosthetic Promises In His Name, a non-profit focused in providing prosthetic services in Zambia, Africa.

Though working in the medical profession, I have maintained a focus in continuing to develop my art through the years and transitioned to a full time art career in 2021. Since 2014, I have focused on mural painting, both indoor and outdoor, which is my outlet to work on a large scale. On a small scale, I work mostly in acrylic painting, though enjoy working in other mediums such as mixed media, colored pencil and watercolor.


I like to experiment with different ideas and techniques, and my subject matter is varied. When people ask, I like to describe my style as "whatever pops into my head". My work is inspired by my life experiences and passions. I feel that I let my art speak for my true self. Though a soft-spoken introvert, my work is often represented in bold colors, depictions with symbolism and overarching themes of inspiration and empowerment. My fascination with art is that it is never wrong---it is my expression and how I interpret things---in a world that so often feels black and white, that comforts me and allows me to deliver a message of love and inspiration to the world.


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Gainesville, TX 76241

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