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Mural Info.

​   Design for a mural begins with a conversation and looking at the potential mural space. A key question to consider: what ideas do you already have for the space as the    recipient of this mural art? A photo of the space is used for a digital sketch to give a      mock up of the design concept, or physical sketches can be done as well. An initial sketch gives us a basis for working out any changes that are desired before the actual mural painting begins.

Mural costs vary based on several factors:

  • Complexity of design (amount of detail, style, size, etc.)

  • Materials used (paint type, primers, sealers)

  • Equipment needed (scaffolding, lift, etc.)

  • Design Process (digital sketches, physical drawings, etc.)


An estimate of cost for paint/materials and quote with pricing per sq. ft. can be given after seeing the mural space and discussing your ideas for the project.

Wall Preparation

Mural longevity depends on how the surface on which it is painted is prepared. So, it is recommended that exterior walls be power washed prior to mural painting. And masonry primer/sealer is recommended for brick or concrete walls that have not yet been painted. 

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