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Murals, Musings, and Meanings Behind the Art

Welcome to Mx3

Expanding my creativity in a new way.

First, an introduction.

My path to now isn't very straightforward, as so many people's paths tend to also look. The richness of our lives really comes from our winding path through the years as we try new things, find meaning in life in new ways, and continue to grow. I'm from a small town in Central Texas, an area where both sides of my family have lived for generations. Art has been something I've enjoyed for as long as I remember, and I'm thankful for an artistic mother who encouraged me by having art supplies at our house and signing me up for all kinds of art classes and camps.

Looking back now, I'm not really sure why I didn't pursue art school as a path. I chose healthcare, a "more practical career". My first profession was as a clinician in orthotics and prosthetics, and I enjoyed it immensely for 12 years. This profession led me to an opportunity to do medical mission work in Zambia, which I am still involved in. Those experiences have been so formative and have expanded my view of the world and of people far beyond the little town I started in. For this, I am grateful.

Through the years, I've continued to paint, steadily increasing in this pursuit after college. Several opportunities to paint murals, a few in high school and then a public art project in my hometown in 2014, really jump started my focus as a muralist. In 2021, I needed a change from orthotics and prosthetics and had increased my art "side gig" to a point where I made the leap to pursue art full time. I opened Vantage Point Art Gallery, a gallery collective, in Gainesville, TX and fully immersed myself in murals and artworks on a smaller scale.

And in another turn in the path of life, my husband and I moved to Maryland in 2024. It's another opportunity to expand my view of the world and expand myself in new creative ways.

acrylic painting of great blue heron

In each new season in life, there's growth. Sometimes growth looks like the vibrant blossoming of the flower bud in Spring. Most of the time, it seems to me, it looks like the slow and unsure process of watching a planted seed try to sprout from the dirt and the laborious growth of the stem over time.

I'm learning to practice stillness in this season---patience and embracing the uncomfortableness of growth.

acrylic painting on canvas of great blue heron by Katie Brinkley

"The Practice of Stillness" | acrylic on canvas | 30x40

What's this blog all about?

This new season is giving me a chance to embrace creativity in new ways, and one of those is creating this blog to write. I'll be doing behind the scenes looks at the process of painting murals, reflecting on meanings and processes of creating art, and exploring other inspirations that come my way.

Feel free to leave a comment with questions you have about murals, artworks or any ideas you have for future blog topics.

Up Next---"Making of a Mural: the most logistically challenging mural to date"

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Mar 15

For non-painters the joy and experience of nature or other of God’s creations comes thru the eyes of the artist. The artist, itself, one of those creations. Thank you for exploring, expanding and sharing your God given talent with others. You are truly a work of art.


Feb 27

Anxious to see what’s next with you! Keep up the good work. Love it!

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