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title.       Butterfield Stage Players

date.      2022

location. Butterfield Stage Theater, Gainesville, TX

story.      A big THANK YOU to the Butterfield Stage for inviting me to add some visual art to their performing arts building! This recent addition that                the mural is painted on to the historic building, which was once the Carnegie Library, has allowed Butterfield to expand their programs.                    They had a vision to add a theater themed mural to better highlight this building in Downtown Gainesville, and I came up with this design. I                felt it was important to give a nod to the former purpose of the historic original portion of the building and also pay tribute to the starting                    year of the community theater. Butterfield Stage Players is an amazing small town community theater that adds so much to the Arts and                      Culture Scene of Gainesville. Find out more about this theater at

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