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title.       Hometown Menagerie (Zoo) 

date.      2019

location. First State Bank Headquarters, Gainesville, Texas

story.     The Frank Buck Zoo was founded as part of the Gainesville Community Circus in 1930 at the Cooke County Fair Park in Gainesville. The                     zoo moved to its current location at Leonard Park in Gainesville in 1962. The zoo is currently home to approximately 130 animals.

             "I wanted the zoo mural to be super colorful, so I chose the geometric pattern background moving from green to blue to mimick grass to                     sky. The giraffe and yellow-naped amazon are current residents of the zoo, and I referenced a photo of the elephant that was previously at                 the zoo. I also included Frank Buck's hat in black and white hanging on the corner of the entrance sign from the zoo. This mural was really                 fun to do since I love painting animals."



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