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title.       Honoring Those Who Served (Camp Howze)

date.      2019

location. First State Bank Headquarters, Gainesville, Texas

story.     Camp Howze was an infantry training camp located adjacent to the town of Gainesville during World War II, operating from 1942 until its               closure in 1946. Army divisions trained at Camp Howze were 84th, 86th, and 103rd divisions and the 8th Service Command.

             "I really enjoyed learning about Camp Howze in my research to design this mural. The Morton Museum was incredibly helpful with                           photographs they have of Camp Howze. For the jeep, which is referenced from a photograph taken at the camp, I used flat off-white paint                 to create the black and white photo look. The title lettering is matching the lettering from the camp sign, which was also referenced from a                 photograph. I particularly liked learning about and painting the division emblems. And of course I had to add a waving flag to the design...               because that's my thing."


Camp Howze mural by Katie Brinkley
Camp Howze mural by Katie Brinkley
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