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title.        Impact the World

date.       2014

location.  Clifton, Texas. My hometown of Clifton is the locale of a unique downtown experience. "Art Alley", a public art domain, is located behind                 downtown historic buildings and the home of The Cell Block, a 30's era jailhouse converted to boutique hotel.

story.       Impact the World was inspired by my first trip to Zambia, Africa on a medical mission trip to provide prosthetic services in an underserved                 area. Growing up in the Bible Belt in a rural church, my concept of Church and what Jesus calls us to in loving our neighbor was brought                   into a new light during my trip. An expression of my initial feelings coming back from this mission trip, I find even today I seek to keep this                 concept fresh in my mind -- breaking traditional views and my comfort level to try to make an impact. 


contemporary outdoor mural by Katie Brinkley
contemporary outdoor mural by Katie Brinkley
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