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title.       Making the World Go Round (Energy)

date.      2019

location. First State Bank Headquarters, Gainesville, Texas

story.     Cooke County's economic history includes oil, which was discovered in the 1920s in the county, as well as wind energy, which is more                     recent. The Big Indian Oil & Development Company drilled the first oil well in 1924, east of Gainesville. Wind energy came in north of                     Muenster in the mid-2000s.

             "For this mural, I used the flat off-white paint again for the aged photo look for the oil derrick. I actually had the placement on my sketch                      different than what I ended up with on the wall and was so glad I made the spur of the moment decision to switch it up. An oil derrick,                      pump jack and turbines don't seem like they could make for an interesting mural, but I look at it and think nostalgia...this is how we've                      gotten to now."



oil and wind turbine mural by Katie Brinkley
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