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title.       Ode to a Small Town (Cityscape) 

date.      2019

location. First State Bank Headquarters, Gainesville, Texas

story.     Gainesville was founded in 1850, and the current courthouse, which is the fourth courthouse structure in Cooke County, was built in 1911.

             "I thought a bird's eye view of Gainesville would be a great choice for the 5th floor to mirror the view that can be seen from the numerous                 windows in the FSB building, and I also wanted to include a close up of the courthouse as a distinctive building in Gainesville. I took photos               from several different locations trying to find the right reference for the bird's eye view and finally settled on a photo using a drone."


Cooke County Texas courthouse mural by Katie Brinkley
Gainesville Texas birdseye view mural by Katie Brinkley
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