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title.       Power of Love

date.      2020

location. Private residence 

story.     It's not every day you come across a homeowner who boldly wants a colorful mural across the side of their house. This homeowner had an                 idea for a colorful mural on a large blank wall facing the road. We started with her wanting a mandala, this quote and lots of color.                         The design kind of unfolded as the mural was in progress, which made it very fitting for the power and feeling that the mural evokes. After                 the first wall was complete, she decided to continue the mural on the left side of the porch and wrap the colors through the porch for a full                 color front view of the home. This was an inspiring project to work on, and I cherish the new friend I made in the process. 


Power of Love
Power of Love (2)
Power of Love (3)
Power of Love (4)
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